Being present on the market since Vietnam 2009, Brand D&A company Shoes Limited Investment and Economic Development of the East India has become close with consumers in Vietnam with the range of products under the line Sneaker shoes handy, soft and environment-friendly. With the advantage of products designed and manufactured in factories in Vietnam's shoe manufacturing partner of major fashion brands like Zara, Sketcher, Umbro, Next…shoes by D&A chain is produced on modern technology, ensuring the mechanical features according to international standards, and designed matching in shape of human feet Vietnam, Special designs are always in tune with fashion breath and world region.

With a desire to meet increasingly better demand and the increasing diversity of consumer, male 2016 The company has developed and launched a new product line for young Urbanfootprint stylish and product lines NomNom for lovely baby. Two new product lines with the use of high quality materials, Special features of the raw, East India Company wants to bring to the consumer product generation fashion style, personality, a comfortable feeling, pleasant to use and arouse passion move as a tendency of modern life, dynamic, proactive.

Male 2011, Our company became the official distributor of products and injection molding soccer shoes branded Thashoco of JSC Thang Long Shoes

Satisfaction, supporters of the customer is always the incentive motivation to our research and development unceasingly.

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